Scientific Name: Ophiophagus hannah

One of the best imposing snakes in the planet, the master cobra surely measures up to its name. Along with sizes in excess of 5m and a body diameter of over 12cm, it is actually the longest venomous varieties of snake. When threatened, it observes common cobra practices by increasing the main part of the body system off the ground some 1.2 m and extending the back hood.

Few, if any type of, killers would certainly think about attacking this lizard when faced using this photo. Usual colouration is dark brown or olive dark-green, although some specimens might be actually practically dark, while others may show a grouped pattern. King cobras will definitely not normally bite unless bugged. A bite from this varieties is actually incredibly risky as a result of the substantial amounts of poison that are made.

Description of the Master Cobra

Grownups and youths have different colour patterns. They possess black, white colored, or even yellow bands and intercross bands over their foundation colour. Juvenile snakes are actually even more dramatically colored.

Interesting Facts About the Master Cobra

These widely known snakes are actually much more than simple killing devices. Discovering more concerning harmful species can easily aid us pertain to value various animals. Right here are actually some points you may not know regarding king cobras.

Document Holder– These snakes are actually a file holder, but not for a lot of harmful snake! Rather, they are the most extensive poisonous snake types worldwide (in regards to duration). The longest specific ever before captured was actually an impressive 19.2 feet long!

Huge Guy– For the a lot of part, guys of this types are much larger than ladies. This is unique given that it is actually very unusual for male snakes to be larger than female snakes.

Ophiophagy– Master cobras are ophiophagous, this means that their main diet is snakes. They will even consume other venomous snakes! When food items is rare they are actually additionally recognized to victimize tiny animals, reptiles, birds, and much more.

What remains in a Title?– This species’ taxonomical category name is Ophiophagus, which is actually a Greek word meaning “snake-eater.” This differentiates all of them coming from the various other cobra varieties, which reside in the Naja


Dispersed from India east to China and south to the Philippines, the king cobra is not a common species perhaps given that it is the top killer in the food web. It dwells rainforests and bamboo thickets.

Diet regimen

Although birds and mammals are actually often taken, the much-loved meals of the master cobra is, remarkably, various other snakes. Pythons, plant snakes or even various other venomous species are all eaten. In captivity the varieties could be discouraged onto more regular food products like rats at an early grow older.

Distribution of the Master Cobra

Master cobras are found all over India, southeast Asia, and some regions of East Asia. In Asia, populations could be found in China, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Bhutan, Thailand, Burma, Singapore, Cambodia, the Philippines, Indonesia, Nepal, Laos, and Malaysia. In India they have been actually documented in Goa, Karnataka, Tamil, Uttrakhand, Kerala, Nadu, Odisha, Bihar, West Bengal, and the Andaman Islands.

King Cobra and Individual Interaction

Humans fear king cobras, for apparent factors! Master cobras are certainly not hostile animals.

The vast large number of snakebites are in fact given on snake users, instead of private citizens mistakenly bitten. The encouraged habits is actually to gradually go down a hat or even t shirt on the ground while gradually supporting away from the snake if you ever before cross roads along with a master cobra.


Despite the veteran practice of snake charming, king cobras are not domesticated whatsoever.

Carries Out the Master Cobra Create a Great Pet

In the majority of locations possessing a king cobra as a family pet is prohibited. They are very risky animals, and may potentially eliminate you with a single punch. The pet business is actually additionally causing populace decline in wild cobras.

King Cobra Treatment

In zoos, these snakes are actually provided along with a secure temp, moisture, and light. They are very long snakes, and hence need larger enclosures than the common reptile may demand. In a zoological setup it is remarkably unfeasible to feed a diet of various other snakes. Instead, these predators are sustained on a diet regimen of thawed rodents, computer mice, and girls.

Actions of the Master Cobra

These snakes are actually solitary creatures, and simply connect to mate. While they do certainly not stay with their buddies in the course of the remainder of the year, they are going to occasionally breed along with the very same specific the subsequent year. They are mainly energetic in the day, creating them diurnal. Unlike other snakes, master cobras are likewise occasionally active in the course of the evening, but this develops infrequently.


King cobras are the only snake species which actively create a home to breed the eggs. The women gathers huge volumes of fallen leaves and various other decayed vegetation right into a pile in to which she sets her link of approximately 50 eggs. She will then stand guard over the home for the total incubation duration of 2-3 months, chasing away anything that approaches the nest.

Opinions, Superstitions, and Phobias Concerning the King Cobra

Various cultures feature cobras in their practices and legend, and king cobras in particular prevail in a number of different occasions. In Myanmar, snake smoothies carry out a practice with king cobras that involve kissing the best of the cobra’s director. Members of one more clan, the Pakokku of Burma, mix tattoo design ink with snake venom to protect on their own against snake attacks. There is, nevertheless, no scientific evidence that this method in fact operates.

One of the most establishing snakes in the planet, the master cobra surely resides up to its own label. Birds and creatures are often taken, the favorite food of the king cobra is actually, shockingly, other snakes. King cobras are the only snake varieties which actively create a home to nurture the eggs. Many different cultures feature cobras in their rituals and mythology, and master cobras in specific are actually rampant in an amount of various instances. In Myanmar, snake inveiglers do a ritual along with king cobras that involve smooching the best of the cobra’s chief.

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