Smart, enthusiastic, and nurturing little parrots, jenday conures make good household pets for owners that can easily hang out fraternizing them. Intelligent and also colorful, these birds have actually been actually prominent animals for many years. They appropriate for households with children. If you’re looking for a large bird character in a small size, this welcoming and also colorful species might be actually a good fit.

Types Overview
TYPICAL NAMES: Jenday conure, jandaya parakeet, yellow-headed conure, flaming parakeet

TAXONOMIC NAME: Aratinga jandaya


LIFE SPAN: More than 30 years

Origin as well as History

The jenday conure is actually native to the woodlands, palm stands, and also heavy development of northeastern Brazil. It chooses nesting high in tree hollows and normally travels in small flocks of 30 or so birds.

Words “jenday” originates from Old Tupi, the aboriginal language coming from Brazil. It implies “little parrot.” The bird is actually a guarded varieties; its capture and also profession are banned.


Affectionate as well as naturally fun, jenday conures can create faithful friend birds. Some jendays may become affixed to a single person, yet a majority should flourish along with a family unit as well as accept everyone as participants of their group.

Jendays can be extremely soft and cuddly, commonly delighting in a flight on their trainer’s shoulder or inside their tee. When it’s time for some love, you are going to also locate that they generally really love to be actually petted and will definitely accept their scalp.

The majority of people admire this bird’s elegance and also enchanting individual. Jenday conures are actually social birds that thrive on communication. They may certainly not be the most effective selection for those who have less than a handful of hrs a day to spend along with it.

Jenday conures are actually as intelligent as other participants of the parrot family members as well as may discover basic secrets and simulate sounds.

Speech and also Vocalizations

Conures resemble human speech like larger parrots, yet a lot of jendays do not normally “speak.” That doesn’t suggest they’re not amusing. Lots of household pet jendays discover to redo daily house noises including microwaves and telephones.

A soaring group of jenday conures are loud; they usually tend to shout during the course of flight. Many conures become screamers if they really feel neglected. If you possess close neighbors, a conure may be taken into consideration a loud hassle.

Jenday Conure Colors and also Markings

Jenday conures have multi-colored quill with a red-orange physical body and also green wings and also back. Its own tail has blue feathers, and also the wings are rimmed along with a many-colored blue. Called a yellow-headed conure, it has a yellowish head along with orange patches on the skin.

A jenday’s beak is actually dark, as well as its feet and also legs are grey. It’s a monomorphic types, which suggests that DNA or surgical sexing is actually the only accurate method to tell guys coming from girls.

Generally, jenday conures are actually extremely comparable in measurements as well as appeal to sunshine conures. The simplest technique to tell them apart is the jenday has environment-friendly airfoils, while the sunshine’s airfoils are primarily yellowish.

Taking Care Of Jenday Conures

To maintain your bird tranquil and also pleased, plan to devote plenty of time along with your birds. It is actually crucial that the bird does not acquire tired or alone; this can easily bring about harmful chewing and naughty habits.

Though this is actually a small bird that will relatively accommodate inside a cockatiel crate, it needs to have far more area than that. It ought to be at least major enough for the bird to flap its own wings and also move around easily. It would be actually well if has the capability to fly in its crate.

These birds are actually astonishingly energetic and understood to receive cranky in small areas. The outright minimal area ought to be 3 feet long and also 2 feet high as well as vast. If you decide on to maintain a set, the cage must be actually dual its own measurements.

Jenday conure sets usually keep their tender, well-trained pet dog characteristics if each birds receive effective interest. They can additionally be actually housed along with yet another form of conure, particularly sunlight, gold-capped, as well as blue-crowned conures. Two conure varieties can interbreed, nevertheless, hybridization pollutes a currently limited genetics swimming pool; it is actually not highly recommended. If a mix in between a sun conure and jenday occurs, the hybrid is phoned a “sunday.”.

Common Health Problems

Jenday conures are actually robust birds that may rapidly adjust to house lifestyle. These birds are still susceptible to numerous diseases:.

Proventricular extension disease (a popular ailment affecting the gastrointestinal system).
Psittacine beak and plume disease (a catastrophic virus-like ailment that influences the beak, plumes, as well as body immune system).
Psittacosis (microbial respiratory system illness).
Beak malocclusion (overgrown beak).
Aspergillosis (fungus disease).

Indications that indicate this bird could be bad include lethargy, anorexia nervosa, trouble breathing, as well as feather-loss or plucking. Many of these disorders are actually effortlessly treatable. If problematic indications shear up, observe an avian vet.

Eating plan and Nutrition

Animal birds are going to possess a far better chance of meeting their nutritional needs if they get lots of selection in their diet regimens.

In the wild, jenday conures mostly delight in fruit, almonds, as well as seeds. In bondage, they require a balanced, pelleted diet plan nutritional supplemented along with almonds, seeds, and also clean fruit and vegetables. You can easily provide an unrestricted quantity of pellet food items; they will merely consume what they need to have. As for fresh fruit products and veggies, use regarding a 1/8 to 1/4 mug in the early morning and at night. Seeds and also almonds must be periodic manages.

Carefully wash their meals bowls and also crate routinely to avoid gear box of leechlike infections. Conures are actually thus active that obesity is commonly certainly not as major of an issue as it is actually along with various other household pet parrots.


Permit your bird a lowest of pair of hrs outside of its crate each day. The birds will certainly discover to hang out on a play stand embellished with ropes, toys, and also other exciting bird-safe ornaments.

Inside the cage, put together your bird with lots of exciting tasks. A swing is actually a need to as these little bit of parrots are going to quickly make it their home roost. Ladders, alarms, as well as ropes will additionally give a jungle gym expertise.

Do not forget to get eat playthings; they are voracious chewers and require to exercise their beaks on satisfactory things as opposed to the crate, your household furniture, or power cables. Hardwood branches as well as toys exchanged out frequently must keep the bird interacted.

Where to Adopt or Buy a Jenday Conure

Before you take on a jenday, consult your local animals and also activity authorities concerning any kind of legal constraints on this types. Some places require an authorization to keep all of them while others might disallow them outright. In the United States, it is actually unlawful to have one in New Jersey.

When selecting a bird, it is actually most effectively to pick a hand-fed child or even a minimum of a younger bird that has actually been actually dealt with frequently. The average cost for some of these birds is actually $600.

Stay away from a bird that is actually sitting gently with puffed plumes; it might be ill. The bird’s plumes need to be bright as well as soft as well as lay down standard on the body system. The plumes around the vent/cloaca (opening where bird ejects feces and pee) ought to be actually tidy, completely dry, and also totally free of undigested issue.

Internet saves, adopting associations, and also breeders where you can easily discover jenday conures feature:.

Burge Bird Rescue.
Bird Breeders.

Intelligent as well as colorful, these birds have actually been well-known pets for a lot of years. If you’re appearing for a major bird individual in a sleek dimension, this friendly and also multicolored species may be a great fit.

The bird is a secured species; its own squeeze as well as profession are actually restricted.

Jenday conures are actually social birds that prosper on interaction. Jenday conure pairs typically maintain their tender, well-trained dog characteristics if each birds get suitable focus.

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