How To Use Gemstones In Hypixel Skyblock

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Gemstones are a valuable currency in the popular Minecraft game, Hypixel Skyblock.

Players can use them to purchase items, upgrade their gear, and even complete certain challenges.

But how exactly do you use them?

In this article, we’ll take a look at how to use gemstones in Hypixel Skyblock.

We’ll cover the basics, such as where to find them, how to purchase them, and how to use them.

We’ll also discuss the various rewards associated with gemstones.

So, let’s get started!

Where to Find Gemstones

Finding gemstones in Hypixel Skyblock can be a bit tricky.

The most reliable place to look for them is in the Auction House. Players can purchase them directly from other players or from the Auction House itself.

Additionally, some of the higher-level bosses have a chance to drop gemstones.

These bosses can be found in dungeons and secret islands.

Gathering Gemstones

Players can also collect gemstones by gathering certain materials.

For example, breaking certain blocks in the game will yield gemstones as a reward. Additionally, some of the higher-level tools and weapons can be used to mine gemstones.

Finally, some of the special island challenges will yield gemstones as a reward.

Buying Gemstones

Players can purchase gemstones directly from the Auction House. This is often the quickest way to get gemstones, as it eliminates the need to gather materials or fight bosses.

However, it can be expensive. Prices for gemstones can range from a few coins to tens of thousands of coins.

Gemstone Bundles

Players can also purchase gemstone bundles from the in-game store.

These bundles offer a great value, as they contain multiple gemstones for a fraction of the cost.

Bundles are available for a variety of gemstone types, including diamond, emerald, sapphire, and more.

Uses for Gemstones

Gemstones are a valuable resource in Hypixel Skyblock and can be used for a variety of purposes.

Here are just a few ways to use them:

Upgrading Gear

Gemstones can be used to upgrade tools, weapons, and armor.

This can be done at the Smithy, where players can use gemstones to increase the stats of their gear.

Additionally, some of the higher-level gear can only be obtained by using gemstones.

Purchasing Items

Gemstones can also be used to purchase items from the Auction House or the in-game store.

This includes items such as potions, food, and other resources.

Additionally, some of the higher-level bosses drop rare items that can only be purchased with gemstones.

Completing Challenges

Gemstones can also be used to complete certain challenges.

These challenges can be found on secret islands and can reward players with valuable items.

Additionally, some of the higher-level challenges can only be completed with gemstones.

Rewards for Collecting Gemstones

Collecting gemstones can be a rewarding experience.

Not only do players get to upgrade their gear and purchase items, but they also get to complete challenges and unlock rewards.

Here are just a few rewards associated with collecting gemstones in Hypixel Skyblock:


Players can unlock a variety of achievements by collecting gemstones.

These achievements can be found in the Achievements tab and can reward players with coins, experience, and even special items.

Mystery Boxes

Collecting gemstones can also reward players with special Mystery Boxes.

These boxes contain a variety of rewards, such as coins, experience, and even exclusive items.

Famous People

Collecting gemstones can also make players famous. Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, and Bill Gates have all collected gemstones in Hypixel Skyblock, and have become well-known for their success.


Gemstones are a valuable currency in Hypixel Skyblock and can be used to purchase items, upgrade gear, and complete challenges.

Players can find them in the Auction House or by gathering materials or fighting bosses.

They can also purchase them directly from the in-game store or from other players. Once obtained, gemstones can be used to unlock achievements, get Mystery Boxes, and even make players famous.

So, what are you waiting for? Start collecting gemstones and become the envy of your friends!

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