Blue-fronted Amazon parrots are among the best-talking birds maintained as household pets. They have great colorings, and each bird possesses specific plume designs to go throughout with its expansive personalities.

Types Overview
POPULAR NAMES: Blue-fronted Amazon parrot, turquoise-fronted Amazon parrot

SCIENTIFIC NAME: Amazona aestiva

ADULT SIZE: 15 and also 17 inches long, analyzing in between 14 as well as 15 ozs

LONGEVITY: Can live to 80 or even 100 years; most generally are going to reside 40 or two years

Source as well as History

Swedish naturalist Carl Linnaeus was actually the 1st to videotape the blue-fronted Amazon parrot in zoological documents in 1758. The species has a broad habitation selection. Wild populations may be located in Bolivia, Brazil, Paraguay, as well as north Argentina, prolonging south to Buenos Aires.

A minimum of one savage populace is known to be near Stuttgart, Germany. This group is likely the result of pet parrots leaving and developing a team that expanded as time go on.

The blue-fronted Amazon typically settles forests and woodlands. They reside in big groups and also usually tend to form a powerful bond with their friend. Like the majority of parrots, they nest in tree dental caries where the women executes the gestation obligations and also maintaining the younger.


Comical and energetic, blue-fronted Amazons are actually all-natural performers. They really love to be around their managers and will certainly ham it up for additional attention. When well-socialized, these parrots are going to delight in the firm of the entire family, though they have a tendency to opt for a favored.

While normally non-aggressive and helpful with various other birds, some individuals will make an effort to guard their keepers when they recognize risk. This species may “dive-bomb” a regarded danger by swooping down on it. In the course of breeding or even molting time frames, males might become territorial.

On the whole, managers tend to describe this species as extremely social, private, and carefree. This bird tends to become calmer than other Amazons and also can easily keep on their own held for fairly time.

That does not imply it demands much less interest. The blue-fronted Amazon would like to belong to the activity; it is going to loudly permit you know when it feels excluded. Prolific talkers and also vocalists, they pronounce typically and also may be very loud when they intend to be actually.

Speech as well as Vocalizations

While blue-fronted Amazons are actually exceptional talkers, they are even better screamers. For folks who live in near quarters like house structures, these birds may be actually a little bit of very loud as well as frustrate your neighbors.

Blue-Fronted Amazon Colors as well as Markings

The primary of this particular parrot is gorgeous lime greenish. Their “blue-fronted” explanation stems from a spot of blue or even turquoise found only above the beak. Though this is the varieties’ hallmark, reproduction has actually created a wide variety of markings on the birds’ scalps. These markings make it easier to set apart a specific parrot coming from the flock.

Some birds possess no blue on the head while others possess a scalp that is actually virtually completely turquoise. Yellow typically neighbors the blue and flexes over as well as under the head prior to giving way to the physical body’s vivid green feathers. You could also locate birds along with white spots.

Typically, the blue-fronted has touches of bright red on the shoulders as well as tour feathers, which might likewise have a violet window tint when in tour. This also differs through person, and also some possess only green shoulders, especially wild parrots found in northwestern Argentina.

In bondage, there are actually a couple of color anomalies such as cinnamon blue-fronted Amazons, which have brownish-yellow body feathers instead of green. The lutino variation normally has white feathers where you would typically expect yellow. There is also a blue mutation that has created a totally blue bird along with patches of yellow.

Typically, the beaks are black, as well as the feets are actually grey. It’s a monomorphic varieties, so the females and also men counterpart. The only way to know the sex of your bird is actually by means of DNA or even operative sexing.

Caring for a Blue-Fronted Amazon

These birds are actually very intelligent and social, and they need to have normal human interaction. If you don’t have plenty of time to devote with it, do not use an Amazon parrot.

The additional activities around your house you can feature your parrot in, the more pleased it is going to be actually. Whether you’re enjoying TELEVISION, cleaning up, or eating supper, the blue-fronted will definitely intend to become part of the action. A transportable play stand that you can move from room to space creates an excellent physical exercise area. Your bird will certainly entertain you with his acrobatic tricks.

The minimum preferred cage measurements for an energetic bird like a blue-fronted Amazon is actually a 3-foot cube, though bigger is actually much better. If you can not obtain a considerable crate, make an effort to make up by enabling it added out-of-cage opportunity every day.

Common Health Problems

Some microbial diseases may cause respiratory system issues for Amazons, and also a deadly fungal health condition (aspergillosis) as well as nutritional deficiencies.

The primary bacteria that are difficult for Amazons feature E. coli, Citrobacter, Staph, and Strep. The germs may spread out through water, seeds, old meals, humid locations, wet crates, or dusty areas.

Blue-fronted Amazons are prone to being overweight and thyroid problems. An active lifestyle along with a frequent workout routine can help in reducing the risk of obtaining those disorders.

Diet plan and also Nutrition

In the wild, blue-fronted Amazons forage on fruits and also berries, fallen leave buddies, and also blooms, in addition to seeds and also nuts. It’s additionally strongly believed that they consume some proteins. Like all parrots, blue-fronted Amazons require a diverse diet plan that copies their natural foods.

A healthy diet regimen needs to consist of top quality pellets, a high quality seed mix, and regular portions of new, bird-safe fruits and veggies.

Specially created pellets are an ideal food items and should essentially work with around 75 to 80 per-cent of the bird’s diet regimen. Fruits, veggies, and vegetables ought to make up around 20 to 25 percent of the day-to-day diet. Nuts and also seeds are high-fat meals that you can offer as periodic alleviates. Start through giving your bird 1 mug of pellet-based parrot mix and also a 1/2 mug of veggies and fruits daily, after that change according to their cravings.

Practically, many individuals meals that are actually looked at healthy and balanced are okay to supply these parrots in small amounts, including chicken.


All Amazons are energetic parrots and the blue-fronted need to be actually made it possible for a minimum required of 3 to 4 hours every day outside the crate. This activity permits it to play and extend his parts and also to be part of the household.

These birds adore to eat and go up, thus Amazon parrot owners need to supply their family pets along with a lot of toys, including ladders and ropes to turn on. Keep a couple of added chew playthings prepared to substitute any type of that come to be as well put on. Perform certainly not permit your bird run out of playthings to delight on its own, especially if you are actually certainly not around.

Some birds like to be actually spritzed along with water while others may plead for a bathtub in the sink. Follow your bird’s lead and also use it as an additional building possibility beyond speech and also technique instruction.

Where to Adopt or even Buy a Blue-Fronted Amazon

While you can often discover Amazons at amazing pet retail stores, it is actually finest to look at a bird dog breeder. They will manage to validate your new pet’s sources as well as his health and wellness, which is vital for any sort of unique bird. If you may see them as well as spend opportunity with their birds, contact local bird breeders in your place and inquire.

Viewing a blue-fronted Amazon parrot in its own house setting will definitely give you quite a bit of insight in to what it is actually like to live with one. The even more you can easily go to along with it before carrying it house, the much better.

Some on the internet information where you can easily discover blue-fronted Amazons include:

  • Petfinder
  • Greatest Friends Animal Society
  • Appeal of Birds dog breeder listing

Costs ranges from $500 to $3,000, depending upon its own grow older, dog breeder, as well as hand-tameness track record.

Blue-fronted Amazon parrots are one of the best-talking birds always kept as dogs. Begin through providing your bird 1 mug of pellet-based parrot mix and also a 1/2 cup of fruits and vegetables daily, at that point adjust depending on to their hunger.

These birds like to climb and also eat, so Amazon parrot managers need to deliver their pet dogs along with lots of toys, consisting of ropes as well as ladders to sway on. While you may usually locate Amazons at unusual animal outlets, it is actually ideal to go by means of a bird breeder.

Contact local area bird dog breeders in your location as well as talk to if you may see them and devote opportunity with their birds.

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